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Learning Center

Our learning center contains a wealth of documents and frequently asked questions that we have put together as a resource to our clients.

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  Allergy - Food (Medical)

  Allergy - Inhalant Allergy or Atopy (Medical)

  Anal Sac Disease - Cats (Medical)

  Anal Sac Disease - Dogs (Medical)

  Anaphylaxis (Medical)

  Anemia - Canine (Medical)

  Anemia - Feline (Medical)

  Anesthesia - Canine (Medical)

  Anesthesia - Feline (Medical)

  Aspirin (Medical)

  Asthma - Feline (Medical)

  Behavior - Behavior Modification (General)

  Behavior - Behavior Modification Products (General)

  Behavior - Behavior Resources (General)

  Behavior - Behavioral Drug Therapy (General)

  Behavior - Boarding Your Dog (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Aggression (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Aggression Overview and Diagnosis (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Aggression Possessive Toy/Food Guarding (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Aggression Sibling Rivalry (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Aggression to Unfamiliar Dogs (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Aggression Towards Family Members (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Barking (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Controlling Chase Behaviors (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Controlling Jumping Up, Door Charging (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Controlling Pulling/Walking (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Destructive Chewing (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Destructive Digging (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Disobedient, Unruly, Excitable Dogs (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Head Halter Training (General)

  Behavior - Canine - House Soiling (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Marking (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Moving with Your Dog (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Muzzle Training (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Noise Phobia Immediate Guidelines (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Noise Phobia Treatment (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Play and Exercise (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Reinforcement - Learning and Rewards (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Separation Anxiety (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Submissive and Excitement Urination (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Systematic Desensitization to the Veterinary Office (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Teaching the Give Command (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Territorial Aggression (General)

  Behavior - Canine - Training - Control Products (General)

  Behavior - Canine Compulsive Disorders (Medical)

  Behavior - Canine Fears and Panic - Animals and People (How-To)

  Behavior - Canine Fears and Phobias - Inanimate Noises and Places (How-To)

  Behavior - Causes and Diagnosis of Problems (General)

  Behavior - Children and Pets (How-To)

  Behavior - Compulsive Stereotypic and Displacement Disorders (General)

  Behavior - Coprophagia in Dogs (Medical)

  Behavior - Fear - Overview in Dogs and Cats (General)

  Behavior - Fear in Cats (How-To)

  Behavior - Feline - Aggression with Other Cats (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Aggression/Play/Predation (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Chewing/Sucking (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Compulsive Disorders (General)

  Behavior - Feline - House Soiling (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Marking (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Moving to a New Home (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Moving with Your Cat (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Multi-Cat Household (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Nocturnal (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Punishment (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Redirected Aggression (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Scratching (General)

  Behavior - Feline - Vocalization (General)

  Behavior - Feline Play and Play Toys (How-To)

  Behavior - Introducing Babies to Dogs (General)

  Behavior - Keeping an Indoor Cat Happy (How-To)

  Behavior - Kitten - Introducing to a New Home (General)

  Behavior - Kitten - Play and Investigative Behavior (General)

  Behavior - Kitten - Raising Kittens (General)

  Behavior - Kitten - Recommendation for New Owners (General)

  Behavior - Kitten - Socialization and Fear Prevention (General)

  Behavior - Kitten - Using the Litterbox (General)

  Behavior - Learn to Earn (General)

  Behavior - Puppy - Come, Wait, and Follow (How-To)

  Behavior - Puppy - Getting Started Off Right (How-To)

  Behavior - Puppy - Handling/Food Bowl Exercises (How-To)

  Behavior - Puppy - Play Biting (General)

  Behavior - Puppy - Puppy Rollovers (How-To)

  Behavior - Puppy - Raising Puppies (How-To)

  Behavior - Puppy - Recommendations for New Owners (How-To)

  Behavior - Puppy - Sit, Down, Stand, and Stay (How-To)

  Behavior - Puppy - Socialization and Fear Prevention (How-To)

  Behavior - Puppy - Training Basics (How-To)

  Behavior - Settle Exercises (How-To)

  Bladder Stones - Canine (Medical)

  Bladder Stones - Feline (Medical)

  Brachycephalic Syndrome (Medical)

  Breeding - Canine - Finding Homes for the Puppies and Vaccinations (How-To)

  Breeding - Canine - Growing Puppy, Lactation, and Weaning (How-To)

  Breeding - Canine Cesarean Section - Post-Operative Instructions (Medical)

  Breeding - Canine Estrus and Mating (How-To)

  Breeding - Canine Pregnancy (How-To)

  Breeding - Canine Pregnancy Testing (How-To)

  Breeding - Canine Problems at Birth (How-To)

  Breeding - Canine Rearing Puppies and Care of the Mother (How-To)

  Breeding - Canine Whelping or Birth (How-To)

  Breeding - Evaluating Pregnancy via Ultrasound (Medical)

  Breeding - Fading Puppy Syndrome (Medical)

  Breeding - Feline Cesarean Section - Post-Operative Instructions (Medical)

  Breeding - Felines (How-To)

  Breeding - Felines - Pregnancy and Parturition (How-To)

  Breeding - Orphaned Puppies (How-To)

  Breeding - Why Do I Want to Breed My Dog? (How-To)

  Cardiomyopathy (Medical)

  Cat Bite Abscess (Medical)

  Cat Scratch Disease (Medical)

  Cataracts (Medical)

  Cherry Eye (Medical)

  Chin Acne (Medical)

  Chlamydia - Feline (Medical)

  Cognitive Dysfunction Disorder (General)

  Colitis (Medical)

  Collapsing Trachea (General)

  Congestive Heart Failure (Medical)

  Conjuctivitis - Canine (Medical)

  Conjunctivitis - Feline (Medical)

  Constipation - Feline (Medical)

  Corneal Ulcer - Feline (Medical)

  Corneal Ulcers - Canine (Medical)

  Coronavirus - Canine (Medical)

  Coughing - Canine (Medical)

  Coughing - Feline (Medical)

  Crate Training - Creating a Safe Haven for Your Dog (How-To)

  Cruciate Ligament Rupture - Canine (Medical)

  Cruciate Ligament Rupture - Feline (Medical)

  Cryptorchidism (Medical)

  Cushing's Disease (Medical)

  Declawing Your Feline (Medical)

  Degenerative Disc Disease (Medical)

  Degenerative Joint Disease and Osteoarthritis (Medical)

  Demodectic Mange (Medical)

  Dentistry - Canine (Medical)

  Dentistry - Feline (Medical)

  Diabetes Insipidus (Medical)

  Diabetes Mellitus - Canine (Medical)

  Diabetes Mellitus - Feline (Medical)

  Diaphragmatic Hernia - Canine (Medical)

  Diaphragmatic Hernia - Feline (Medical)

  Diarrhea - Canine (Medical)

  Diarrhea - Feline (Medical)

  Diazepam (Medical)

  Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Medical)

  Distemper - Canine (Medical)

  Ear Hematoma - Canine (Medical)

  Ear Hematoma - Feline (General)

  Ear Infections - Canine (Medical)

  Ear Infections - Cats (Medical)

  Ear Infections - Malassezia Yeast (Medical)

  Ear Mites (Medical)

  Electrocardiogram (General)

  Emergencies - Canine (Medical)

  Emergencies and First Aid (How-To)

  Endocarditis (Medical)

  Endoscopy - Gastrointestinal (Medical)

  Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex (Medical)

  Epilepsy (Medical)

  Epilepsy - Monitoring the Epileptic (Medical)

  Esophagostomy Tube Feeding - Canine (Medical)

  Esophagostomy Tube Feeding - Feline (Medical)

  Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (Medical)

  Feline Idiopathic Lower Urinary Tract Disease (Medical)

  Feline Leukemia (Medical)

  Feline Upper Respiratory Disease (Medical)

  FIP (Medical)

  FIV (Medical)

  Flea Allergy Dermatitis - Canine (Medical)

  Flea Allergy Dermatitis - Feline (Medical)

  Flea Control - Canine (How-To)

  Flea Control - Feline (How-To)

  Gastric Dilatation Volvulus - GDV (Bloat) (Medical)

  Geriatric Cat Care (General)

  Glaucoma (General)

  Grief in Children (General)

  Heart Failure (Medical)

  Heart Murmur and Mitral Valve Disease (General)

  Heartworm Disease - Canine (Medical)

  Heartworm Disease - Feline (Medical)

  Heat Stroke (General)

  Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (Medical)

  Hepatitis - Adenovirus Infection (General)

  Herpes Viral Conjunctivitis - Feline (Medical)

  Herpesvirus in Dogs (General)

  Hiatal Hernia (Medical)

  Hip Dysplasia (Medical)

  Horner's Syndrome (Medical)

  Hot Spots (Medical)

  House Training Guide for Your Dog (How-To)

  Hypercalcemia (General)

  Hypertension (Medical)

  Hyperthyroidism (Medical)

  Hypocalcemia (Medical)

  Hypothyroidism (Medical)

  Icterus - Canine (Medical)

  Icterus - Feline (Medical)

  Icterus/Jaundice (Medical)

  Inappropriate Elimination - Feline (Medical)

  Inappropriate Urination - Testing (Medical)

  Indolent Corneal Ulcers (Medical)

  Infectious Anemia - Feline (Medical)

  Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Canine (Medical)

  Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Feline (Medical)

  Insect Bite Reaction (General)

  Insulin (Medical)

  Internal Parasites (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Coccidia in Cats (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Coccidia in Dogs (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Giardia in Cats (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Giardia in Dogs (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Hookworms in Cats (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Hookworms in Dogs (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Roundworms in Cats (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Roundworms in Dogs (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Tapeworms in Cats (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Tapeworms in Dogs (Medical)

  Intestinal Parasites - Whipworms in Dogs (Medical)

  KCS (Medical)

  Kennel Cough (Medical)

  Lameness (Medical)

  Lameness - Testing (Medical)

  Laryngeal Paralysis (Medical)

  Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (Medical)

  Leishmaniasis (Medical)

  Lens Luxation (Medical)

  Leptosporosis (Medical)

  Lick Granuloma (Medical)

  Lumbosacral Syndrome (Medical)

  Luxating Patella (Medical)

  Lyme Disease (Medical)

  Microchipping (General)

  Nasopharyngeal Polyps (Medical)

  Neutering - Cats (Medical)

  Neutering - Dogs (Medical)

  Nutraceuticals (Medical)

  Nutrition - Homemade Diets (Medical)

  Nutrition - Raw Food Diets (General)

  Obesity - Canine (Medical)

  Obesity - Feline (Medical)

  Open Wound Care (Medical)

  Oral Resorptive Lesions - Feline (Medical)

  Orthopedics - Bone Diseases of Growing Dogs (Medical)

  Pain Management - Dogs (Medical)

  Pancreatitis - Canine (Medical)

  Pancreatitis - Feline (Medical)

  Panleukopenia (Medical)

  Panniculitis (Medical)

  Pannus (Medical)

  Parvovirus (Medical)

  Pet Selection - Guidelines (General)

  Pleural Effusion (Medical)

  Pododermatitis (Medical)

  Polycystic Kidney Disease (Medical)

  Polyphagia (Medical)

  Polyuria and Polydypsia (Medical)

  Portosystemic Shunt (Medical)

  Probiotics (Medical)

  Prostatic Disease (Medical)

  Pruritis - Itching and Scratching (Medical)

  Pyometra - Canine (Medical)

  Pyometra - Feline (Medical)

  Pyothorax (Medical)

  Rabies - Feline (Medical)

  Rabies - General (Medical)

  Renal Disease - Testing (Medical)

  Renal Failure - Acute (Medical)

  Renal Failure - Chronic in Cats (Medical)

  Renal Failure - Chronic in Dogs (Medical)

  Reverse Sneeze (Medical)

  Ringworm - Cats (Medical)

  Ringworm - Dogs (Medical)

  SAMe (Medical)

  Sarcoptic Mange (Medical)

  Seizure - Testing (Medical)

  Seizures in Cats (Medical)

  Seizures in Dogs (Medical)

  Senior Recommendations (General)

  Skin Fold Pyoderma (Medical)

  Skin Infections and Chin Pyoderma (General)

  Spay/Ovariohysterectomy (Medical)

  Staphyloccocal Dermatitis and Hypersensitivity (Medical)

  Stomatitis and Gingivitis - Felines (Medical)

  Stroke (Medical)

  Subcutaneous Fluid Administration - Cats (Medical)

  Subcutaneous Fluid Administration - Dogs (Medical)

  Surgery - Discharge Instructions (Medical)

  Surgery - Post Op Instructions for Cats (Medical)

  Surgery - Preparation (Medical)

  Thrombocytopenia - Canine (Medical)

  Thrombocytopenia - Feline (Medical)

  Ticks in Cats (Medical)

  Ticks in Dogs (Medical)

  Tonsillitis (Medical)

  Toxins - Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs (Medical)

  Toxins - Ethylene Glycol Poisoning (Medical)

  Toxins - Hazards for Cats (Medical)

  Toxoplasmosis (Medical)

  Travel - Cats and Airplanes (General)

  Travel - Crate Training Your Feline for Travel (General)

  Travel - Pets in Vehicles (General)

  Travel - Pets on Airplanes (General)

  Tube Feeding in Cats (Medical)

  Tumor - Hepatoid Gland (Medical)

  Tumors - Anal Sac (Medical)

  Tumors - Basal Cell (Medical)

  Tumors - Bone and Joint - Canine (Medical)

  Tumors - Bone and Joint - Feline (Medical)

  Tumors - Bone Marrow (Medical)

  Tumors - Cancer - Definition, Causes (Medical)

  Tumors - Cancer Treatment Options (Medical)

  Tumors - Carcinoids (Medical)

  Tumors - Chemodectomas (Medical)

  Tumors - Connective Tissue, Nerve (Medical)

  Tumors - Cutaneous Histiocytosis (Medical)

  Tumors - Cutaneous Lymphoid (Medical)

  Tumors - Cysts (Medical)

  Tumors - Digestive Tract Muscle (Medical)

  Tumors - Ear (Medical)

  Tumors - Endocrine - Adrenal Cortex (Medical)

  Tumors - Endocrine - Adrenal Medulla (Medical)

  Tumors - Eye Lid (Medical)

  Tumors - Fibrosarcoma and Sarcoid - Feline (Medical)

  Tumors - Hair Follicle (Medical)

  Tumors - Hamartoma (Medical)

  Tumors - Histiocytoma (Medical)

  Tumors - Internal Eye Structure (Medical)

  Tumors - Intestinal (Medical)

  Tumors - Lipoma (Medical)

  Tumors - Liver - Epithelial (Medical)

  Tumors - Liver - Metastatic (Medical)

  Tumors - Lung (Medical)

  Tumors - Lymph Node (Medical)

  Tumors - Lymphatic System (Medical)

  Tumors - Mammary - Canine (Medical)

  Tumors - Mammary - Feline (Medical)

  Tumors - Mammary Malignant - Canine (Medical)

  Tumors - Mast Cell - Canine (Medical)

  Tumors - Mast Cell - Feline (Medical)

  Tumors - Mast Cell of the Viscera (Medical)

  Tumors - Melanocytic (Medical)

  Tumors - Melanoma Eye - Canine (Medical)

  Tumors - Melanoma Eye - Feline (Medical)

  Tumors - Nasal (Medical)

  Tumors - Oral (Medical)

  Tumors - Oral Fibrosarcoma (Medical)

  Tumors - Oral Melanoma (Medical)

  Tumors - Oral Sarcoids (Medical)

  Tumors - Oral Squamos Cell Carcinoma (Medical)

  Tumors - Ovarian (Medical)

  Tumors - Pancreatic (Medical)

  Tumors - Papillomas (Medical)

  Tumors - Parathyroid (Medical)

  Tumors - Pituitary Gland (Medical)

  Tumors - Plasmacytic (Medical)

  Tumors - Prostate (Medical)

  Tumors - Salivary (Medical)

  Tumors - Sebaceous Gland (Medical)

  Tumors - Spindle Cell, Fibrosarcoma (Medical)

  Tumors - Splenic (Medical)

  Tumors - Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Canine (Medical)

  Tumors - Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Feline (Medical)

  Tumors - Squamous Cell Carcinoma Multicentric (Medical)

  Tumors - Stomach (Medical)

  Tumors - Sweat Gland (Medical)

  Tumors - Testicular - Canine (Medical)

  Tumors - Thyroid (Medical)

  Tumors - Transmissible Venereal (Medical)

  Tumors - Urinary Tract (Medical)

  Tumors - Uterine (Medical)

  Tumors - Vascular (Medical)

  Tumors - Vascular of the Viscera (Medical)

  Ultrasound Examination (Medical)

  Urethral Incontinence (Medical)

  Urinary Tract Infections (Medical)

  Uveitis (Medical)

  Vaccines - Guidelines - Canine (Medical)

  Vaccines - Guidelines - Feline (Medical)

  Vaccines - Guidelines - Why Booster? (Medical)

  Vaccines - Post Vaccination Sarcoma (Medical)

  Vaccines - Vaccination Failures - Canine (Medical)

  Vaccines - Vaccination Failures - Feline (Medical)

  Vaginitis (Medical)

  Vestibular Disease (Medical)

  Vitamin A Toxicosis (Medical)

  Vomiting - Canine (Medical)

  Vomiting - Feline (Medical)

  Vomiting - Testing Recommendations (Medical)

  von Willebrands Disease (Medical)

  von Willebrands Disease - Testing Recommendations (Medical)

  Weight Loss - Chronic - Canine (Medical)

  Weight Loss - Testing Recommendations (Medical)

  Wellness Testing - Canine (Medical)

  Wellness Testing - Feline (Medical)

  Wobbler Syndrome (Medical)

  Yeast Infections of Skin and Ears (Medical)

  Zoonotic Diseases in Cats (Medical)